The Power of the Feminine

Hundreds of years ago, it was common for women to come together in circle to support one another in birth, take it easy together during their menstrual cycle, cook and sew together, take care of one another’s children, and share stories of inspiration and triumph. Women thrived in that nurturing, connective environment where you could lean on a friend in times of trouble and dance together in times of celebration.

Over the course of history, women lost touch with the ancient art of circling and forgot the power of the feminine.  The good news is that stories of triumph both collectively and personally have rippled out, touching women on all parts of the globe, creating a worldwide thirst for circle once again.  The prevalence of sewing circles around the world are proof of that.

We are living in a unique time that calls for ancient practices which have been handed down through generations to come alive so that our souls and bodies can survive and thrive on Earth.  Part of this is the resurgence of women’s sewing circles for the purpose of bringing women together primarily for connection, feminine empowerment and support which appears to be secondary to sharing the skills of the women who blazed the trail before us.

In such gatherings, women can experience a deep authenticity within themselves – a truth or ‘realness’ that is often lacking as we tend to our day-to-day lives and its multitude of roles and responsibilities.

Women’s circles operate on unique principles and values. Within the structure of the circle, there is no hierarchy; each woman’s voice is equally important, her story honoured and received fully. In this sacred space, a collective power is harnessed. And when there is focused intent on healing – individually and collectively – magic happens. The support, creativity, and sharing of ideas that is fostered in women’s circles has the power to translate into something much larger and more palpable. There is a ripple effect that positively impacts society at large.

Fast forward to our high-tech, frenetic paced world of today.  Where do circles of women congregate?  Some continue to gather in real-time in church basements, in homes, coffee shops, and offices after the workday is done.  But more and more, there are virtual circles of women who create blogs, online study and discussion groups and forums, and social media pages as new forms of circles of community.

In this fast-paced world in which we live, traditional women’s circles offer us a time to slow down and listen to deeper voices waiting to be heard.  With intention, our soul wisdom is called forward and amplified by the collective wisdom of the other souls who are called forth.  Women sit in agreement, they sit in conflict and they sit with what is.

At The Sound Temple every month our New Moon Women’s Circles dive deep into the power of collective community to bring the inexplicable magic of Sisterhood back into the lives of everyday women.