Full Moon/Blue Moon in Scorpio – 18th May 2019

For as long as the storybooks have been recording, the Full Moon has played a character that has long been shrouded in mystery. She is the keeper of secrets, the listener to any story and the quiet whisperer of midnight dreams, spun on silver thread through our bedroom windows. In fairy tales and legends, her light was needed for the success of spells and incantations, and she alone has been the witness to the secrets of Artemis and the wild hunt; a myth which men, women and animals alike have never been privy to.

The Full Moon is a time when the moons energy is strongest, a powerful time that is not only described in storybooks, but also in our day-to-day lives. As time has continued to spin its golden thread, the moon has guided us in navigating our way around the earth, has helped us in understanding the flow of the tides and guided us through the stars to places our ancestors could only dream of. 

During our school years, we are taught that autumn begins on the first day of March and ends on the last day of May. In astronomical terms however, autumn begins on the day of the autumnal equinox (where the days and nights are the same length) and ends at the winter solstice (the longest night and shortest day).

Bearing this in mind, the Full Moon on the 18th of May will also be a Blue Moon because it will be the third of four full moons in the one astronomical season.

Although it is called a ‘blue’ moon, a moon that actually looks blue is not a common sight. The moon, full, blue or in any other phase will only appear blue when the atmosphere is filled with smoke or dust. The particles cause the red light to shatter, giving off a blue illusion.

The name Blue Moon came into existence around 400 years ago, and not because of her colour, but because of her rarity. Much like the saying ‘when pigs fly’, the term ‘once in a blue moon’ indicates that something rare is going to happen or will never happen. It is said to have originally been used by Shakespeare to explain something ridiculous, rare or absurd. ‘I will marry you when the moon turns blue’.

On May 18th, the Full Moon is in the sign of Scorpio and classically is one of the most powerful moons of the year. The reason for this is because Scorpio is a sign in sync with spiritual growth and transformation. Under the brilliant energy of the Scorpio Full Moon, we are advised to move our attentions from our worries and take a moment to find a place of trustful surrender. When we let go of the things troubling our minds, and trust the rhythm of the universe, we trust in the ancient knowledge that all will unfold as it should and what will be will be.

While this can seem an easy task, it can be difficult to trust something other than yourself. Surrendering is not about giving yourself over completely, it is about trusting and listening and being open to other ways of seeing things. Sometimes thinking over every tiny detail can be extremely stressful. Trust that this Full Moon will guide you to wherever it is you need to go.

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