Sacred Garment, Spirit Wrap


“When we enter into the realm of creativity, consciously, with focus and intention, there’s something of ourselves that we weave into our work.  And when we abandon any strict or rigid expectations, we allow the creative process to seep into our experience. Self-awareness comes gently trickling into our consciousness and flows on into our work.  It becomes a Journey into Self.  There emerges an incredible spirit of child-like play.  It’s an alchemical process, deeply transformative, like a medicine for the weary soul…. ”  Melissa Min, Founder of Circa – Workshops for Wellbeing and Facilitator at The Sound Temple, Sawyers Valley.


These days, our search for connection, is as strong as ever. Our strive for individuation, independence and autonomy, coupled with the falling away of traditional community structures, has resulted in an ever-increasing sense of loneliness, separation and isolation from those around us – and the world we call home.

For hundreds of years, it was common for people to come together and support each other in the unfolding stories of our lives. We had close community to witness the critical moments of our unfolding  – the joyful times as well as hardship and despair. We would be witnessed in our laughter, our grief and our creativity. Over the course of history, we’ve lost touch with many of these ancient practices of genuine interconnection.

These days, we are being called to actively seek out opportunities for connection wherever we can, for this longing of shared community is our birth rite. Moments of comfort, understanding and guidance will continue to find us if we remain open to them.

The act of sitting in shared creativity with others is a powerful way to facilitate the process of rebuilding the foundations of our community. Men’s sheds, Knitting Circles, Community Gardens are all impulses that are growing in response to our innate need to create collectively together. When we sit in an act of artistic endeavour with others, we create a powerful space of shared experience. We enter into a flow state – akin to a kind of meditation.  This act of creating together consciously is a powerful one.

Slow Sewing is one aspect of this growing cultural expansiveness. Its aim is to carve out moments of time to be creative, to allow the rhythmic repetition of hand stitching to take priority over the chatter of the mind. It is a slowing down of our heart rates and a calming of our adrenals as we allow the creative impulse of ‘play’ to guide our work. We sit, breathe, create and connect with others – and it makes for a potent and transforming artistic practice.

Throughout April on consecutive Sundays, The Sound Temple is holding the light for the creative slow sewing impulse through our remarkable Soulful Sewing, Spirit Stitch course.  An immersion into Sacred Garment, you’ll be gifted with the time and space to connect to your creative Self within a Circle of like-minded people. You will be supported and guided to create your very own Spirit Wrap – a garment fashioned from your own hands, from a place of gentle reflection, renewal and deep soul nurturing. This course will culminate in a Textile Art Exhibition in May and all participants will be given the opportunity to display their work.

We invite you to be part of this deeply engaging and rewarding initiative – and journey back with us to a sense of connection and community.