Sophie Moleta

Singer Composer Musician Piano Teacher

Sophie Moleta is a devoted and caring musical mamma and artist who has spent most of her life doing musical things, from playing piano and singing in choirs as a child to creating and co-creating pieces of music, songs and many albums.

Over the last 16 years she has taught music in capacity of piano teacher privately and in schools and has facilitated choirs in local schools. Sophie has worked closely with many refugee students and is dedicated to music as a powerful and transformative way of expression and healing.

Since moving to Fremantle in 2015, Sophie began studying with Anneka Pearton who has created “Piano Easy”, a brilliant piano teaching method which teaches you everything about the piano and has you playing wonderful pieces in record time.

Sophie imparts her immense love and knowledge of music in the form of teaching and we are blessed to have her offer adult’s piano classes and children’s piano classes here at The Sound Temple. We are committed to making music available to everyone and are delighted to welcome Sophie Moleta as part of our team here in the Perth Hills.


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