Peter Smith

Peter Smith

Meditation Facilitator

We warmly welcome Peter to our team of facilitators at The Sound Temple. He will be joining us to share his gifts on Mondays at Guided Meditation together with our other beautiful facilitators.

Over the years Peter has been on a lifelong search to find out his purpose, and a place where he can express the light within out into the world. When he turned 42, he was incredibly fortunate to experience the exhilaration of energy, light and love through this powerful Angelically guided technique.

Finding at last a portal through which the Divine could flow to heal and help others in need of solace, comfort, self-love and understanding and peace, Peter heard the call to channel these energies for others.

Initiated into this profound healing in Malaysia, Peter now works with the energies of the Great Brotherhood – Ascended Masters, Archangels, Archangel Michael and the Legions of Blue Lightening Angels, St Germain of the Violet Flame Transformation into light and love and the Great Central Sun.

Through his guided meditation Peter channels love, healing, freedom, wisdom, joy, peace and unity with the Divine.
Join in our meditation evenings, held in The Mandala Room at The Sound Temple in the Perth Hills.

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