Danna Checksfield

Danna Checksfield

Common Threads Advocate

We welcome Danna a mother, teacher and aspiring fashion designer. Danna currently teaches Fashion Design and Indonesian at Rockingham Montessori school and is also in her final year of a Fashion degree at Curtin University.

She has explored and focused her study on Sustainable Fashion. It has opened her eyes to the negative impacts of the fashion industry on the environment as well as on textile workers. Her work is inspired to create designs that are made as close to zero-waste as possible from sustainable fabrics.

In her studies she has explored making garments from up-cycled denim, kombucha leather, natural dyeing, indigo dyeing, zero-waste and modular designs that can be worn numerous ways.

Her works explore a mix of textiles and fibres ……

We are blessed at The Sound Temple to have Danna to join us with facilitating an indigo dyeing workshops here in the Perth Hills as part of our annual ‘Common Threads Woven Through Community’ Project.

Common Threads Woven Through Community is a month long community engagement project which includes topics of integrating sustainability, creativity, and traditional hand-crafted wisdom of the ages.

Our 2020 theme embraces the inter connection of our living world – the seen and unseen “The Pollination of Life” exploring the underlying connections between artists, creatives, sustainable enterprises and movements. As we all carry a thread that collaboratively weaves the health and wellbeing of our collective future on this planet.

These events are designed to share art and craft forms and exchange knowledge, to open participants up to a new way of life, they encourage the questioning of our thought patterns, they support the dissolving of old belief systems bringing a sense of belonging. You will feel deeply inspired by being part of a continuing impulse of considerable change.

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