Christine Morrison

Christine Morrison

Sound Healing Facilitator

Christine Morrison is a unique Musician, Sound Healer, Musical Alchemist, Composer and Teacher who has been working with sound for 22 years.

Christine holds a space of divine love and pure heart essence, connecting you deeper with your soul, with the earth and the cosmos. She tunes into your soul, and channels the sounds and music, attuning you with your essence and purpose. Using her voice and ancient instruments, Christine gently guides you to safely connect with your divine heart, leaving you bathing in blissful angelic vibes.

Christine travels throughout Australia and internationally, conducting workshops, retreats, individual sessions and concerts. Through the universal languages of sound, music and colour, she helps people know and befriend their own hearts, always with great gentleness and compassion.

Her guiding passion is the joy of supporting other people to make the changes they require, and to connect deeply with the wisdom of their souls and hearts.

Christine is also the founder and director of the Soul Musicality CourseCertificate in Sound & Music Healing for the 21stCentury – Mastery of the Soul.

We are very honoured here at The Sound Temple to have Christine as part of our regular Sound Healing Facilitator Team here in the Perth Hills.

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