Feeling Alive in Life

It is becoming clearer and louder that what matters ….. MATTERS and what doesn’t ….. DOESN’T.

I seek the COLOUR

Colour in the clothes I choose to adorn my body  

Colour in the food that I eat

Colour in the company I keep

This allows the full spectrum into my body and radiates from me. 

No other feeling in the world makes me feel more alive than sitting in good company having expansive BIG – LIFE – LOVE – MAGIC conversations, lots of tea and preferably by a fire.  The sort of spontaneous moments of AWWWWesomeness where I see more of YOU, you see more of ME, and my goodness I love more…  

This is a time of awakening and a time to be ALIVE.  I choose to live well, with heart.

What is the unfolding of your life? Where do you feel most alive and vital?   

Colour YOUR life

Beige just won’t cut it

This is not a time to be sitting on the sidelines of the game of life

Beware of distraction from those who want you to remain beige.  You are a powerful creator – tap into that.  Do an experiment and notice the shift.


 by Helen McKenzie, Treasure Mapping and Opening The Doorway to the Chalice Well