Full Moon in Aquarius – 15th August 2019

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Seuss

What will you do today to connect to your purpose and cultivate your true potential?  Each of us possesses the promise of a world transformed.  It is our lives that help to bring it into being.

The energy of the Full Moon always creates powerful magnetic surges that can affect sensitive empathic beings.  Those who are sensitive will have felt these shifts as the moon waxes towards Full Moon in Aquarius with Sun in Leo.  You may also feel the Time Gate accelerations as well, resulting in physical symptoms such as exhaustion, anxiety, intense dreams. These energy waves reach through to deep cellular levels and so the body may feel the strain of keeping its balance amid the turmoil.  We can help ourselves by being focused on balance, inner harmony and peace.  This is a time to keep your energy signature at a high frequency and a clear vibration.

It may be helpful to picture your Soul gently filling your Heart Centre with love and peace.  Allow this wonderful energy to create a garden of peace and creativity within your heart that will then manifest around you.    With every breath you take, allow this vision to be nurtured within you.  Try to make this a constant process during your day.  The energy of Leo is supporting us this month which invites us to step into our hearts to claim an inner mantle of authority and royalty.  

The Full Moon in Aquarius also asks us to focus on community and how we exist within community. It is a time when everything that is no longer working will be illuminated, and we will be asked to release and let go of these worn out patterns.  For many it may cause anxiety and vulnerability as energy changes occur.  With stability you will see the New Earth is being birthed into manifestation and we are helping this to happen.  How good is this!  

This month’s Full Moon is under the sign of Aquarius and lands on August 15th. People who are born under the sign of Aquarius are playful, open-minded, devoted and caring while also being unpredictable, fickle, contrary and undependable. Aquarians are known for their open-minded approach to people and life. They make it their business to be accepting of all people and cultures. But they also can’t stand commitment and they will do anything to get out of confirming a time or place. If you’re looking to invite your Aquarian friend out for dinner on Friday night, brace yourself. You probably won’t receive an answer until Friday morning. 

This Aquarius Full Moon has a strong need for emotional freedom and because of that, your relationship with your emotions might be a bit more complicated than normal. But don’t feel daunted or afraid of the sudden feelings that may spring up seemingly out of the blue. All things happen for a reason and nothing is ever given to us if we aren’t strong enough for handle it. Embrace the feelings, don’t push them away. Even when we try to bury things, they have a funny way of coming back to us. 

Don’t be afraid to open up about what might be holding you back. Embrace this Aquarius Full Moon and find people who are open-minded and caring. Those who have your best intentions at heart won’t be afraid to listen. Don’t be afraid to share. 

Join us on Wednesday 14th August 2019 where Julian Silburn will be facilitating at our second Full Moon in Aquarius Sound Healing event (the event on Thursday 15th August is now fully booked).