“Women forget how much we can inspire each other. No one understands us like us.” – Alex Elle

A long time ago, it was common for women to come together in circle to support each other through everything. They would support each other through birth, take it easy during their menstrual cycle and take care of each other’s children. They would cook together, sew together and share stories of inspiration, trouble, and of course, triumph. We as women have always thrived in a connective, nurturing space where we can lean on each other in times of need and rejoice together in times of celebration.

As time went on, women lost touch with this beautiful ancient art and realised that, sometimes, femininity doesn’t always have to be about standing strong and proving that we can do everything. However, over the past few years, stories of triumph and of pain have exploded out into our Universe, touching women all over the world recreating that strong need to come together in quiet support just as our ancestors did before us.

A modern-day example of the ancient art of coming together in circle are sewing groups, which not only bring women together to sew, but for other things as well. They bring women together for connection, support and feminine empowerment. They provide a space to talk, to laugh, to work together and to offer advice. They are places for conversation and for understanding when the rest of the world feels against you.

Women’s circles have no hierarchy, every story is important, and every voice is heard. When we all come together to support each other, to laugh, to cry, to create and to remember, magic happens.

In today’s day and age, women’s circles do still happen, though not in the traditional sense that they used to. Women get together in the office after work, in homes, in coffee shops and online. Women still come together to rejoice in the birth of a child, to support each other through times of need and to celebrate life, whether that is one that’s just been lost, or one that is just beginning.

In the world we live in today, feminine empowerment and voice is loud. We are marching in the streets, waving homemade banners and working together to make the world a safer place both for ourselves, and for those who are coming after us. The causes we are calling for are loud, fast paced and long overdue. But maybe sometimes we forget. While it is so important to be heard among other people, it is just as important to be heard amongst ourselves as well.

Traditional women’s circles offer us a time and a place to slow down and to breathe. To listen to the softer voices and to remember that we are stronger together. Let us find time in our busy, crazy lives to remember the ancient art of circling, when we supported each other through events as old as time.

On Thursday August 22nd, The Feminine Way makes its debut here at The Sound Temple. Led by the beautiful Vida Carlino, The Feminine Way invites women to sit in circle over three weeks where Vida will create a safe space for women to dive inwards, dump the burdens, take off the mask and for a time simply feel what it means to be a woman.

Join us as we come together to remember, to laugh, to cry and to rejoice. Taking part in an ancient tradition and remembering those who came before us not only connects us to ourselves, but to each other as well. We are strongest when we are together, when we listen, give advice and support ourselves and those around us with love, connection and a deep understanding that runs deeper in us than we could ever possibly imagine.