Meet me at midnight in the forest of my dreams. We’ll make a fire and count that stars that shimmer above the trees.” – Christy Ann Martine

Since the dawn of time, our ancestors have been using the movements of the heavens to keep the seasons and to pinpoint time. The sun’s movements were, and sometimes still are, considered the most important for tracking the seasons, planting, harvesting and preparing us for the long cold nights of mid-winter. The moon though sometimes considered the minority, plays a part just as important. The word ‘month’ is derived from the Old English word ‘monath‘, a direct reference to the moon, and a month is obviously the time period between one New Moon and the next. While not providing us with warmth and light, the moon plays a more constant role in keeping our time and seasons than many of us are really aware of.

In the literary sense, the Full Moon is much more mysterious than the sun. She alone could allow spells to be completed, could grow plants in witches’ gardens and light up fairy rings. She is the witness of secret gatherings of mythical creatures, most likely knows more about the legendary werewolf than the werewolf does and is the keeper of the mermaid’s secrets, said to live beneath the waves of any ocean. After all, the Moon’s light is what guides and controls the tides and wave patterns.

Full Moon is a time when the moon’s energy is at its strongest, a time described, especially in storybooks and legends, when the impossible may become possible. During the time for the Full Moon, we are all guided to let go of whatever it is that may be no longer serving us and to get rid of old, bad energies; to clear the way for a new chapter in our lives.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius falls on 17th June and is a sign well known for being very free, expansive and visionary. Under the light of this month’s Full Moon you may feel a bit more optimistic than you normally would. Your mind may suddenly start realising all the possibilities of a situation, rather than solely focusing on what could potentially go wrong.

This Full Moon may spark your adventurous side and you may find yourself just picking something new and going for it. Sagittarians adore the idea of travelling, of going to new places and expanding their horizons. Seize the feeling of adventure and sign up for the class you’ve been thinking about for days or talk to new people or travel a different way to work.

Adventure is generally considered a big and slightly ominous word and great things are expected of someone when they go on an adventure. However, an adventure is different for everyone and they can come in any size, shape or form. Don’t be afraid to seize your adventure and run with it, whether that is taking a different bus or hiking up Mount Everest. An adventure is an adventure, no matter its size.

The Full Moon on June 17th encourages us to find ways to look at the bigger picture. It dares us to contemplate on things that may be hovering on the distant horizon. While trying to discover what our adventure might be, we can sometimes become over-whelmed with ideas and information, which can cause us to lose sight of what it was we were excited about in the first place. This Full Moon guides us to focus on the higher principles rather than getting lost and over-whelmed by tiny details.

This is also a brilliant time to focus on long term goals and the not so distant parts of our future. With the optimism and visionary aspects of Sagittarius pointing us in the right direction, the idea of the future may not seem as daunting as normal and you may find it a whole lot easier to handle and to think about.

Sometimes in life we can get so caught up in everything that is wrong with the world. And while it is good to be aware of our mistakes and how we can fix them, it can also become stressful and unhealthy when bad things become all we think about. Let the adventurous side of this Full Moon light the pathway so you can see where it is you need to step. Let the visionary side spark your creativity and try not to be daunted by the little things. Live on the wild side for a little while and go on a road trip, walk a new route or focus on your future. Adventure is in the air. You just need to follow your feet.

Start your adventure by travelling to The Sound Temple on Tuesday 18th June for our Full Moon Sound Healing event. Let go of playing small and reach for the stars … the Full Moon in Sagittarius will show you the way!