Vida Carlino

Women’s Circle Facilitator

Vida Carlino describes herself as a straight shooter with a big heart and lives in Perth Hills with her soul mate (her husband). Having grown up children and 9 grandchildren life is a hoot, filled with ecstatic highs, soulful moments, joyous experiences, tragic events and deep feelings – which all help to make life extraordinary.

Vida is a Published Author, Speaker and Leader in conscious evolution, inspirational mindfulness and authentic accountability. She is a social entrepreneur, founder of Inspiration Source and author of “My Power Statement”.

By integrating ancient wisdom practices in sacred union with the neuro contemporary techniques Vida aligns intellectual, emotional and intuitive intelligence so we can feel, think and act in ways that consciously shape today and tomorrow. Vida strives to inspire everyone to live a more enriched, fulfilling and conscious life.

Vida runs a successful coaching business and one of her absolute passions is creating the space for women to gather in sacred circle. She has been holding women’s circles for many years and loves the opportunity to help women tune in and get to know themselves at the deepest level.

We welcome Vida to our team of facilitators here at The Sound Temple and look forward to her sharing her gifts with us.

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